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Monday Dec 18, 2023

Good things often come in small packages. Never was this more true than when the Messiah -- our Deliverer-- arrived as a newborn baby in a little town called Bethlehem. In this study of Luke 2:1-15, we learn...
The answer to an interesting question about "crush" versus "strike" in Genesis 3:15
Why holiday traditions are important, and ideas on how to create your own
Who exactly was Caesar Augustus anyway?
The significance of baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths
How Christmas fulfilled a prophecy made 1,000 years earlier
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Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

"Follow your heart," Cinderella sings. "Trust your feelings" Master Obi Wan says. In the real world, is this actually good advice? In our study of Jesus' sermon in Luke 6:43-46, we learn...
The connection between behavior and the heart
Examples of bad fruit vs. good fruit related to our speech
Why behavioral modification is not enough
Jesus' evaluation of the human heart
How idols can pop up in the heart
Some practical ways to detect what's going on in the heart
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Friday May 22, 2020

A leper from Samaria finds mercy and embraces a lifestyle of gratitude.
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Thursday Dec 19, 2019

The death of Jesus elicited many different reactions. In this study of Luke 23, we learn...
The background of Simon of Cyrene, who carried Jesus' cross
Why the crucifixion is one of the most well-documented events in human history
Jesus' frightening words to Israel
Messianic fulfillments from Psalm 22
Why the Jewish leaders hated Jesus so much
How we should respond to the person and work of Jesus
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Sunday Jun 10, 2018

In a world of distractions, remember the real mission of the church.

Sunday Dec 24, 2017

The dimming eyes of Simeon gaze on Baby Jesus - salvation personified.

Sunday Dec 17, 2017

Zechariah welcomes his miracle baby, the forerunner to the Messiah.

Sunday Dec 03, 2017

At the thought of Messiah's coming, the virgin Mary bursts into song.

Sunday May 28, 2017

The parable of the lost coin reveals God's heart for unbelievers, and his joy at seeing people saved.

Sunday Dec 21, 2014

Things did not unfold as many expected, but Jesus proves He is the true Messiah

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