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Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Last Sunday at Calvary Church West Hills, I began a five-part series on what it means to be a healthy, growing, gospel-centered church. The church should be known for its love for Christ, and together we look at ways this will manifest itself in how we do ministry. This message was also posted on our official Calvary Church page on Sermon Audio. Video is available on our YouTube page. 

Monday Mar 18, 2024

One of the Bible's most common descriptions for spiritual leadership is a shepherd. In John 10, Jesus presents himself as both the Good Shepherd and the Door of the Sheep. All who hear his voice are invited to follow after him.

Monday Feb 05, 2024

In Genesis 15, God invites Abram to look up into the night sky and count the stars, if he is able. In this Bible study, we learn...
How to understand the flow of Genesis
More than once, a "miracle baby" would advance God's rescue plan
How God shows mercy by waiting to destroy the Amorites
The Protestant doctrine of "justification by faith" found here in Genesis
Covenants as a key to understanding our Bible
Growing in patience as we trust and obey the Lord
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Friday Feb 02, 2024

Rainbows and rainbow flags may conjure a different image today, but the rainbow was originally designed to remind us of a special promise from God. In this study of Genesis 9, we learn...
What people were allowed to eat for the first time after the flood
A poetic warning in Genesis 9:6
Is it inhumane to kill animals?
Even if you aren't a murderer, you've likely done this...
How a weapon of war became a token of grace
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The Empty Tomb (Mark 16:1-14)

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

The resurrection is at the core of the Christian faith. Without it, we have no hope. In this study of Mark 16, we learn...
Why the disciples were surprised when they heard Jesus was alive
How a Jewish "day" differs from a Western "day"
How we know that Jesus' body was not simply stolen and hidden
What do we do with these strange final verses in Mark 16??
A change that happens when the Holy Spirit arrives
This lesson was part of our Sunday morning Bible Study Community series on the Gospel of Mark. Thanks for listening. For a complete list of sermons and Bible studies, please visit my teaching page.

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

It rained at least "forty days and forty nights," but Noah's flood was far from over after 40 days. In Genesis 8, the author describes Noah waiting for waters to recede and dry land to appear. In this passage, we learn...
How we know Noah's flood was a global - not local - flood event
What does it mean that God "remembered" Noah? Had he somehow forgotten?
The total amount of time Noah and his family spent on the ark
The significance of Noah sending out a raven and dove
Noah's first act upon setting foot on dry land
What Noah's sacrifice means for us today
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Accountability Partners

Wednesday Jan 03, 2024

Wednesday Jan 03, 2024

Many counseling and recovery programs stress the importance of accountability partners. But what exactly do these relationships look like? In this lesson, we discuss...
Key takeaways from our biblical counseling class
The importance of understanding our new identity in Christ
How to confront and restore someone who is struggling
Helpful questions for any accountability relationship
Thanks for listening. This is the final week in a 12-week biblical counseling class called "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands." For a complete list of sermons and Bible studies, please see my Teaching Page.

Noah’s Flood (Genesis 6-7)

Wednesday Jan 03, 2024

Wednesday Jan 03, 2024

Natural disasters like fires, floods, and earthquakes occur somewhere on the earth every day. The largest disaster in history is described for us in Genesis 6-8. This flood was so widespread its effects are visible in geology around the globe, and most ancient civilizations have their own flood legends. In this study, we discuss...
Why early humans lived so long before the flood -- some almost a thousand years!
God's holiness and the spiritual darkness of the world in Noah's day
My visit to the "Ark Encounter" in Williamstown, Kentucky
How the ark was perfectly suited as a life boat for humans and animals
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Crouching at the Door (Genesis 4)

Wednesday Dec 27, 2023

Wednesday Dec 27, 2023

Within one generation, Adam & Eve's sin led to a downward spiral of human envy, deceit, hatred, and the murder of one of their sons. Last Sunday, our Bible Study looked at Genesis 4 together. It was definitely an unusual Christmas Eve passage, but such evil and injustice actually remind us why Christ came into our world. In this passage, we discussed...
Christmas carols with a darker tone
Why did the LORD accept Abel's sacrifice and not Cain's?
How the New Testament authors point to Cain as a warning
What to do when you sense sin "crouching at the door"
How God showed mercy in spite of Cain's cold-blooded act
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Monday Dec 18, 2023

Good things often come in small packages. Never was this more true than when the Messiah -- our Deliverer-- arrived as a newborn baby in a little town called Bethlehem. In this study of Luke 2:1-15, we learn...
The answer to an interesting question about "crush" versus "strike" in Genesis 3:15
Why holiday traditions are important, and ideas on how to create your own
Who exactly was Caesar Augustus anyway?
The significance of baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths
How Christmas fulfilled a prophecy made 1,000 years earlier
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