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Monday Sep 12, 2022

We tend to think of salvation in individual terms. Each of us are saved into a personal relationship with Jesus. This is true, and it's a wonderful reality. But it's not the full story. We are also saved to be part of something bigger than ourselves, called the church. In this study of Acts 2, we discover...
Why becoming part of a church family is not always easy
The only way we can be delivered from sin
Four activities that marked the early church and should characterize us as well
The importance of the Holy Spirit in our worship
How "body" imagery teaches both diversity and unity in the church
Taking the next step in your church involvement
Thanks for listening. This is part 2 in our series "Welcome to the Family," helping people to believe and belong at Immanuel. We hope wherever you are that you will find a church home and plant your roots deep in a local, Bible-believing church. If you are in the Highland/San Bernardino area, come visit us as Immanuel! We would love to meet you and help you find a place to settle and serve.

The Church at Prayer (Acts 2:42)

Wednesday Apr 07, 2021

Wednesday Apr 07, 2021

All would agree prayer is important. But many of us must admit we do not pray as much as we'd like. In this message, we focus on one specific type of prayer - corporate prayer – that could change how we view prayer and Christian ministry. In this study, we learn...
The benefits of corporate prayer
Why prayer is more than just a preface to ministry
The importance of prayer in Spurgeon's life
How to stay focused in prayer
Thanks for listening. 

In the Beginning (Acts 2)

Sunday Sep 30, 2018

Sunday Sep 30, 2018

To understand why the church exists today and how it should function, we must go back to its beginning.

Sunday Apr 01, 2018

Athens was always on the lookout for something new, but the Apostle Paul brought a message that would change the city forever.

Sunday Jul 02, 2017

Philip's encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch displays the art of gospel conversation-making.

Sunday Jun 25, 2017

Simon discovers a power greater than magic, but fails to humble himself before God.

Sunday Jun 18, 2017

The simple message of the gospel is this: Jesus saves sinners.

Sunday Jun 11, 2017

Seven ways you can build courage in sharing your faith.

Sunday Jun 04, 2017

Evangelism begins with a heart of holiness.

Sunday Sep 20, 2015

A near catastrophe in the early church leads to a healthy model for ministry.

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