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The Church at Prayer (Acts 2:42)

Wednesday Apr 07, 2021

Wednesday Apr 07, 2021

All would agree prayer is important. But many of us must admit we do not pray as much as we'd like. In this message, we focus on one specific type of prayer - corporate prayer – that could change how we view prayer and Christian ministry. In this study, we learn...
The benefits of corporate prayer
Why prayer is more than just a preface to ministry
The importance of prayer in Spurgeon's life
How to stay focused in prayer
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Wednesday Jun 03, 2020

There's more going on than what you can see. Paul teaches us to pray so the eyes of our heart will be opened to spiritual realities.
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Sunday Feb 03, 2019

How to improve our daily conversation with God.

Sunday Jul 17, 2016

The necessity of prayer in Christian ministry - "These kind cannot be driven out except through prayer."

Sunday Feb 23, 2014

Pastor Stephen answers questions on the mystery of the gospel, witch conversions, and heaven

Sunday Oct 14, 2012

Pastor Stephen concludes his series with some practical tips on prayer. We regret the first ten minutes of audio was not recorded.

Sunday Sep 30, 2012

Only Jesus can forgive our sins and give us the strength to forgive others.

Our Daily Bread (Matt. 6:11)

Sunday Sep 23, 2012

Sunday Sep 23, 2012

Jesus teaches us to pray for Daily Bread

Monday Sep 10, 2012

Praying and finding God's will for your life

Sunday Sep 02, 2012

Jesus teaches us to pray for repentance, His return, and His reign.

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