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Monday Oct 21, 2019

Christians have the best news on the planet, yet are sometimes afraid to share. In this exposition of 2 Corinthians 5, we learn:
Why God cares so much about motives
Why Paul felt it necessary to defend himself
What is the "fear of the Lord"
What to do when you are discouraged or afraid to share the gospel
One of the shortest summaries of the gospel in the entire Bible
Great verses to use in your evangelism
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Sunday Jan 27, 2019

Paul had a holy ambition to share the gospel where it had never been heard.

Sunday Jul 02, 2017

Philip's encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch displays the art of gospel conversation-making.

Sunday Jun 25, 2017

Simon discovers a power greater than magic, but fails to humble himself before God.

Sunday Jun 18, 2017

The simple message of the gospel is this: Jesus saves sinners.

Sunday Jun 11, 2017

Seven ways you can build courage in sharing your faith.

Sunday Jun 04, 2017

Evangelism begins with a heart of holiness.

Sunday May 28, 2017

The parable of the lost coin reveals God's heart for unbelievers, and his joy at seeing people saved.

Give the Gospel (Mk. 5:1-20)

Sunday Apr 21, 2013

Sunday Apr 21, 2013

Go and tell how much the Lord has done for you

Sunday Apr 07, 2013

We should pursue hospitality not only for fellow Christians, but for neighbors as well

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